What Are Some Of The Best Practices For Ad Designs?

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1. General 

Description Purposes


Keep it clean, simple, and yet attractive while designing the outlook of an interactive ad to avoid disrupting viewers in their browsing journey. It is also observed that higher clickthrough results from a bigger selected area.


Be sure to use updated and relevant content relative to your target audience.



Expandable sizes receive more favorable interactions with users, providing an element of surprise and exploration.



Every interactive ad should contain a logo of the respective brand as collateral for branding purposes, in an obvious placement where viewers would be able to catch it. All file formats are not acceptable, except GIF, JPG, PNG, and specifically in RGB color code with a minimum of 72 pixels resolution (based on whichever height or width is shorter).

Branding, CTR 


2. Key Components

Description Purposes


With multi-purpose functions, you may use this feature to group different layers, create multiple hotspots with clickthrough URLs and various styling purposes.


Scroll Content: 

Utilize it appropriately for content (no videos) that seek for fancy panning effects to attract users' attention, with notes taken on low interaction rate. Options of auto-scroll or manual scroll are available, depending on the individual's desired performance.

CTR, Branding


It was justified after multiple observations that 3 tabs provide balanced performance for an overall campaign, as it provides a sufficient amount to promote a brand or product and not overloading the users. Do use appealing and explicit words for each tab headings. Contents in tabs should share a single focus and objective, as tabs are rotated on every refresh and even exposure.



The contents placed in the slider should enable clickable action (input URLs) for further information in detail, leading to an increase in clickthrough performance. Displaying indications such as the arrows and bullets would bring more users to initiate an interaction with the creative.



A single booking form on your interactive ad is observed to give better output in performance than multiple booking forms on individual tabs. Do try out the default form templates (with all the appropriate fields) that are provided to users for feasibility, or add other form features for further customization.

Leads Gen, CTR, ER


Do apply appropriate text spacing (padding), legible font size (minimum size is 10px, maximum size is 72px), contrasting font color against background (e.g. avoid white text on yellow background), and consistent alignment that delivers clarity in reading. We encourage san-serif fonts like Arial and Verdana for better compatibility with all browsers. Promotional messages should be kept short and sweet, to keep viewers focus and attracted to the interactive ad.



Use this feature to encourage viewers for clickthrough interactions, especially useful for promotions.

CTR, Leads-Gen


Upload high-resolution pictures would ensure better quality and non-pixelated output. All file formats should consist of at least 72 dpi, 2x of canvas size to be used in Dynamic Ads, in RGB color code, and either PNG or JPG.

Branding, CTR


Keep the default settings of this feature that allows users to search and explore places of interest with the search bar and map control. The engagement rate may be low as interaction is only counted based on the number of search findings.


Video Player:

All videos embedded into interactive ad should start with default settings set on autoplay and muted, this was observed to give a better engagement performance (engagement is considered when users click on the options such as "Play", "Pause", "Un-mute volume", etc). Youtube is currently the only valid source supported.

 Branding, ER

Video List: 

Include all functions and behavior from the Video Player feature, this feature allows multiple videos additionally. Option to select a specific Youtube Channel or random collective selection is possible.

Branding, ER

Video Background: 

An exclusive feature that allows special effects to be embedded in the background of an interaction ad. Applicable file formats include MP4 and OGV, with no larger than 1MB file size. Moreover, including a single clickthrough URL would definitely increase interaction and traffic flow to a specific site.

Branding, CTR


Select your choice from the list of selections available on Designer (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, Reddit, Trip Advisor, Tumblr, Weibo, Vine), and provide the respective URLs. The default styling of corporate colors, outline, and shape would have been provided.

CTR, Leads-Gen

Count Down: 

Entitles interactive ads to promote limited offers more effectively when applied appropriately. Overuse of this feature may cause confusion and unappreciated.


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