How To Piggyback XPO Pixels?

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The XPO conversion pixel can piggyback and fire off of the existing pixel implementations without requiring you to edit the HTML on your website. Depending on the system that you are using, you can follow the below instructions to get it working.


If you are using DV360 / DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) / DoubleClick for Advertiser (DFA)

Copy the content of the HTML image tag img inside the noscript of the JavaScript pixel and paste it into the tag container or manager of DCM/DFA.

Note that dynamic values such as transaction "currency" and "value" should be updated in the "src" field of the img HTML tag accordingly. Actual methods vary by tracking provider, so you should check with your provider.


If you are using other systems

Copy the content of the <img> HTML tag inside the <noscript> of the JavaScript pixel and paste it in the tag container/manager of the third-party pixel. Dynamic values like "currency" and "value" should be updated in the "src" field of the <img> HTML tag accordingly. Actual method vary by tracking provider, so you should inquire with your provider.


Tag Supported By DCM Floodlight Tags For Piggybacking

There are 2 modes for tags to be piggybacked:

Image Tag <img border="0" scr="">


How To Piggyback XPO pixel Through DCM Floodlight Tags?

  1. Generate the tag using XPO (XPO Dashboard > Pixel > Conversion).
  2. Next, implement the XPO pixel in floodlight activities→ dynamic tags→ section→ Default tags.


How To Pass Variables To XPO Pixel?


  • You have the variables/macros in your DCM floodlight tags used on your website.
  • You have created any required custom variable/macro in XPO, if needed (XPO Dashboard > Pixel > Tag Configuration).


  1. This can be accomplished using the %p DCM macro
  2. Syntax of %p DCM macro - %p[start_key_string]![end_character]
  3. The above macro would copy everything that's between the start key and the end character


Let's say you want to pass HotelID and HotelName information from DCM tag to XPO pixel:

Sample DCM Floodlight Tag

XPO pixel should look like below:

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