1. XPO+Adara
ADARA leverages global travel data to drive future business performance. ADARA’s Magellan platform transforms loyalty, search and booking data into actionable knowledge that allows companies to better understand, reach and engage customers. The platform is fueled by first-party data from more than 90 global travel brands. (source: CrunchBase)


How the Integration Benefits You How It Works Notes
2. XPO+DoubleClick Ad Exchange (ADX)
The DoubleClick Ad Exchange (ADX) is a real-time marketplace to buy and sell display advertising space. By establishing an open marketplace where prices are set in a real-time auction, the Ad Exchange enables display ads and ad space to be allocated much more efficiently and easily across the web. DoubleClick Ad Exchange connects ad networks, agencies and third-party demand-side platforms with a vast global inventory in real time.


Certification How the Integration Benefits You
As part of our effort to ensure that XPO works with all major platforms, we have obtained certification from Google to provide compliant ad serving, ad tracking and also compliant ad tags. Here, XPO platform is certified for its:
3. XPO+DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
The DoubleClick Bid Manager is a demand-side platform (DSP) that gives you access to inventory across mobile, desktop and videos.


Compliance How It Works Costing
XPO ad tags are compliant with the DBM and can be trafficked via DBM.
4. XPO+DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)
The DoubleClick Campaign Manager, formerly known as "DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA)", is an ad server.


Compliance How It Works On Costing On Conversion Attribution
XPO ad tags are compliant with the DCM and hence, can be trafficked / 'ad served' via DCM.
5. XPO+Sojern
Sojern is a provider of a data-driven traveler marketing platform that utilizes programmatic buying and machine learning technologies. Sojern partners with travel companies, including airlines, OTAs, hotels and rental car companies, to collect anonymized (non-personally identifiable) traveler profiles. The company utilizes this data to target travelers and deliver marketing messages across media channels. Sojern is currently headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with key offices in New York, Omaha and London. (Source: Wikipedia)
6. XPO+AppsFlyer
AppsFlyer is a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform, headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices around the world. (Source: Wikipedia)
Knorex has integrated AppsFlyer into XPO to help our clients track their mobile app installations more accurately.
If you have an AppsFlyer account, below are the steps to configure your AppsFlyer account to postback event to the Knorex XPO system.


Configuring AppsFlyer for XPO -Display/Native/Video Configuring AppsFlyer for Facebook Configuring AppsFlyer for Google Ads Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

1. On the left-hand column of your AppsFlyer account, navigate to Integrated Partners:



2. Search for Knorex and click on our logo to open the setup page:



3. Under the Integration tab, enable the In-App Events Postback function. You can also choose to enable sending App Open Event:


7. XPO+Branch.io

XPO has integrated with Branch.io   to supercharge your mobile revenue and growth. Branch is the industry leading mobile measurement and deep linking platform, which provides an attribution analysis with links built to acquire, engage, and measure across all devices, channels, and platforms. 

By using deep links   from Branch and embedding them into ads, you can direct prospects directly to the exact contents or products instead of them having to fumble and find their way to the right contents/products/page, thus improving their user experience.

You can create Branch deep links only once you have configured your Branch Account.

What Is Deep Linking And Why Do You Need It?

When an item (e.g. content/product) is on the web (or mobile web), providing a link that an online visitor can click from an ad directly to that exact item instead of just to the homepage even though the item can be multiple clicks away or multi-level deep in a website is still feasible and straightforward. Such a direct link to the 'buried' item is called "deep link".

On mobile app, however, deep linking doesn't work as expected as with the web (including mobile web). When a mobile user sees an ad and click on it, he/she will be taken to the mobile web browser even if he/she has installed that particular brand's mobile app, which likely would have provided a much better user experience. Deep link allows you to direct the user to the exact content inside an app. So, when a user shares an item he/she discovers with others, he/she can send a deep link to bring them directly to that item in the app. Without deep link, they would have to go to the app's main/top screen or homepage, search for the item or browse around till they find that item, hopefully with enough patience so as not to drop off.

This is where Branch.io comes to the rescue. Branch.io does the heavy lifting by combining every deep linking standard into a single solution and makes deep links work to direct users right to the actual item on mobile apps.

How To Configure Branch Display Ad Links With XPO

 1. Login to your Branch Account and select Partner Management from the Ads dropdown. Search and select Ad Partner Knorex to continue.



2.a. Knorex does not require any account credentials, therefore click Save. 



2.b. Configure, Edit and Add Postback URLS and click Save.



3. Select "Create Knorex Link".

4. Click on Create Display Link and Continue.



5. Name your link, select which ad format you want to use and click on Configure Options.



6. Learn more about Configure Options and Validating & Sharing them   from Branch's website.


7. After creating the deep link from Branch dashboard, you will need to Enable Branch in your XPO Account Information. Follow the below steps:

  • Select Trafficking from Utility menu


  • Click on Account Info from the Account menu


  • From Account Settings, click On Mobile In-App Attribution (Branch) and Save.


8.a. Share the deep link with your Knorex Account Manager (incase of Managed Service). OR

8.b. Enter the deep link into XPO platform. This is added in your Creative setup. From XPO Designer, you will need to input the link under "Target Click". 




How To Configure Branch Search Ad Links With XPO

Scenario 1: When you access your own Google AdWords Ad Account

1. From Tools & Settings menu, select Linked accounts from Setup dropdown. 



2. Select Third-party app analytics and click on the + button.





3. Key in information required with Branch as a partner.

Click on Create Link ID. This step needs to be done for both iOS app and Android app. The options will be available under Branch Metrics.



4. Copy the respective Link IDs from the dashboard.



5. Login to your Branch Account. From Partner Management dashboard, search for Google AdWords. Connect with Google by signing into your account.



6. Select the AdWords Ad Account from where you created the above Link ID. Click Next.



7. Enter the Link ID(s) and click Save. 


Scenario 2: When you don't have access to your Google AdWords Ad Account

1. From your Branch.io Account Settings, select Agencies. Click on Add New Agency.


2. Search for Knorex. Give us access and permission to configure all the Links for you. Click Invite.



3. Notify your Knorex Account Manager that you have added Knorex as an Agency in your Branch Account.

4. Knorex will receive an email confirmation from your Branch Account. Now, we will configure your AdWords (or Facebook) details into Branch.io.



How To Configure Branch Facebook Ad Links With XPO

Scenario 1: When you access your own Facebook Ad Account

1. From your Branch Account, navigate to Partner Management, search for Facebook and Connect With Facebook.



2. Login to your Facebook Account.

a. Then, select the relevant Facebook Ad Account IDs which you wish to link with Branch.


b. Facebook App ID is fixed and is linked to the relevant Ad Account selected in step 2a. Use the ID number from below. Click Save.



3. From the Partner Dashboard, click on Create Facebook Link.



4. Select App Install or Engagement. Click Continue.



5. Name your Link and move to Configure Options.



6. Enter your Deep Link. You have the option to enter more information about your app. This is done by keying in a specific page(s) and mention whether your deep link is for app open, app engagement, etc. Click Create Link Now.




7. Copy the new Facebook link created.



8. Launch XPO Creative dashboard. Create a new Facebook Ad Creative and select Creative Type as Single Image Ad. 


Paste the copied link from step 7 under Destination URL. Change Call To Action to Install App. Save the new creative.



Scenario 2: When you don't have access to your Facebook Ad Account

You will need to provide Knorex access to your Branch Account for configuration.

Follow steps mentioned under Scenario 2 for Branch Search Ad Links.

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