How to Piggyback Knorex Pixel via DCM Floodlight Tag

Tag Supported by DCM Floodlight Tags for Piggybacking

There are 2 modes for tags to be piggybacked and supported:

Image Tag <img border="0" scr="">

Steps to Piggyback Knorex Pixels through DCM Floodlight Tags

  1. Knorex XPO team (for the time being; we are working to release in future for you to self-generate) will generate pixel in for either of the above mode i.e. Image Tag or URL
  2. Knorex to send pixel to Agency/Advertiser
  3. Agency/Advertiser will need to implement Knorex pixel in floodlight activities→ dynamic tags→ section→ Default tags.

Steps to Pass Variables to Knorex Pixels: 


  1. Agency/Advertiser has implemented variables in their DCM floodlight tags used on advertiser's/own website.
  2. Agency/Advertiser passed the Live/Production Floodlight Tags Knorex. This is needed for Knorex to customise the variables accordingly.


  1. This can be accomplished using the %p DCM macro
  2. Syntax of %p DCM macro - %p[start_key_string]![end_character]
  3. The above macro would copy everything that's between the start key and the end character


Let's say we want to pass HotelID and HotelName information from DCM tag to Knorex Pixel:

Sample DCM Floodlight Tag


Knorex Omni-Pixel Should Look Like Below:

Knorex URL/Pixel

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