How to Embed Knorex Omni-Pixel via Google Tag Manager (GTM)

If you are already using Google Tag Manager (GTM) and would like to embed the Knorex omni-pixel you just create and download, you may refer to this video or follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1. Log In to your GTM Account 

2. Create New Tag

You will see the following screen once you've created a container. Select "New Tag".

3. Create a Custom Image Tag

Now under step 1 "Choose Product", select "Custom Image Tag".

4. Configure the Custom Image Tag

Once you have selected Custom Image Tag in the previous step, you should be seeing the following pop-up.


Please copy the conversion pixel from the Knorex' script you just download, in the input field under Step 2.

Tick "Enable Cache Busting", and replace the default value with "_".

Click Continue.

5. Configuring When to Fire the Tag

Select "Click". If you have already created some click triggers, you will see the following screen. Please click on "New".


Under "Configure Trigger", select "Just Links". Then click continue.

Under step 3, click on "All Clicks". In the first dropdown, select "New Variable".

Select "URL" under step 1 "Choose Type" and click "Continue".

You will see the following screen. Click "Create Variable".

Optionally you can rename the variable.

Click "Save" after renaming. You will see the following screen. Select the new variable you just created.

For this example, it will be a "Youtube URL".

We want to track if the URL of the link contains "". So in the middle dropdown, select "contains", and in the last, enter "".

Click "Continue".

Under step 4, select "All Clicks". And click on Create Trigger.

 Optionally you can rename the trigger.

Finally, you can click on Create Tag to finish creating the custom image tag.

You need to publish the changes so that it will take effect on your website that has installed the Google Tag Manager script.


Refer to Campaign Setup section.

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