How Do I Embed XPO Remarketing Pixel On To My Website?

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  1. Try to embed a tracking script into your website to be tracked at least 1 month in advance to start the collection of user data before you start your campaign.
  2. Refer to How Do I Embed XPO Conversion Pixel on to My Webpage? on how to generate and implement conversion tracking on your webpage.


EXAMPLE: The above screenshot shows an example of a homepage of a shopping website, let's assume this is your landing page. You want to retarget any users who have visited this landing page/URL after they clicked on your ad.

  1. Create remarketing pixel in XPO with the variable as landing URL.
  2. Download the pixel.
  3. Place the pixel in the <body> section of the landing page.

When copying tags from the generated ad tag/pixel, be sure to click inside the cell and highlight the text you want to copy. If you select and copy the entire cell, rather than the text within it, some applications may put an extra set of quotation marks (") around the tags, causing them to function incorrectly when they’re placed on the publisher's webpage



Q: Can I remarket to user who clicked on a specific item found on my web page?

Ans: Yes, as long as you pass that item ID to XPO pixel.

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