XPO comes with 2 types of account management capabilities: 

  1. Partner Account Management and
  2. Advertiser Account Management


About Partner Account Management (PAM)

PAM lets you easily manage multiple advertisers. With Partner Admin Account, you can create and manage multiple advertiser accounts or group accounts.


Partner Admin has full access to the specific partner account and all advertiser accounts under it. They also have the right to grant or limit user access across the advertiser accounts. More information about user roles and permissions can be found here. 


How To Add A Partner Admin? 

You can only add new admins at the partner level if your user role is Partner Admin.

  1. From your Partner Dashboard, click on Add User from the Users menu to launch Admin Dashboard. 


  2. You will be redirected to the below page to add a new Partner. Fill in the respective Email and Name. Select Account Type as a Partner Account and click on the Create button to confirm the new user. The user, then, will receive an email to activate his/her account.



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