How Do I Share My Reports?

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With XPO you can easily schedule your reports and share them with others (i.e. those who may not have access to XPO) via link or email to analyze campaign performance.

You can share multiple campaign reports all at once via 

  1. A report link OR
  2. An email 

If you wish to share a report in Excel format, use the email option. Any user who receives the email will be able to download the campaign insights and save them for future use.

How To Share Reports Via Report Link? 

  1. Navigate to Reports > Insights > select the campaign(s) and click Share (or Action and then Share Report Link) Screenshot_2021-08-20_at_11.33.41_AM.jpg 
  2. Select report duration from Filters
      • Today
      • Yesterday
      • Last 7 Days
      • Last 14 Days
      • Last 30 Days
      • This Month
      • Last Month  OR
      • Custom Duration

        Click Apply to view the report. Screenshot_2021-08-20_at_11.53.45_AM.jpg 
  3. Decide how detailed you want your report to be
  • Sharing an Overview Report  Screenshot_2020-02-12_at_5.46.22_PM.png 
  • SAMPLE: Overview Campaign Report Screenshot_2020-03-28_at_12.08.51_PM.jpg 

  • Share additional information using Detailed Report Screenshot_2020-02-12_at_5.49.46_PM.png 

SAMPLE: Detailed Campaign Report


Screenshot_2020-03-28_at_12.12.36_PM.jpg  Screenshot_2020-03-28_at_12.12.36_PM.jpg




Within the Reporting interface (for both, link and email), there is an option to Apply adjustments to campaign budget(s). This simply gives you an option to alter your budget spent to add an additional margin before sharing it with your clients. This is a reflection of your fees added to the budget spent, CPM, CPC, etc.

For instance, if an agency has promised their client 5 million impressions with a maximum budget of $10,000 but the agency reached the 5 million target with only $5000 spent, the agency can use this feature and adjust the budget spent to $10,000 in the system to reflect it in the reports for their clients.

The difference in the actual budget spent to the one recorded in the system is the agency fee charged to the client. The reports which are sent to their clients will reflect all the metrics according to the adjusted budget and not the actual amount spent.




Each time a link expires, ongoing campaign reports become inaccessible. In any case, you wish to analyze reports on a daily basis (or share it with individuals who don't have access to XPO) until the end of a campaign, you can enable this feature by selecting Unlimited under the Expiration metrics. This feature increases operational efficiency and saves you additional time for creating and resending new links.

The report link auto-updates every day and remains live until the campaign end date.

How To Share Reports Via Email? 

  1. Navigate to Reports > Insights > select the campaign(s) and click Email
  2. Share report via email

Type in the email address of the recipient. You can add more than one recipient.

Select all the key metrics you wish to analyze on the Excel sheet.

Once done, click Send Email. 


 The recipient will receive an email to view the report link. If it is an email report, you will receive a similar email format and an option to download the excel file.


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