How Do I Apply Auto-Optimization Towards CTR?

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This feature lets you set the CTR target that you want to achieve for your campaign and XPO will automatically optimize the bidding price towards the set CTR.


How To Apply Auto-Optimization

You can apply this setting at the ad group level across all channels.

  1. Create an Ad Group
    Select a Campaign that you wish to add this feature to and then + Ad Group


  2. Fill in the details and select the Ad Group Type


  3. Apply Bidding Strategy, you will see the following:
    Under Bidding Strategy, you will see the following:
    1. Automatic - Let Knorex XPO set the bid that helps to get the most clicks/conversions at the best price.
    2. Manual - Enter your bid price based on what impressions are worth to you.

      Select Automatic under the drop-down list of "Optimise for", select CTR, and key in the target CTR. Once done, click Save.



You can make changes to the bidding strategy on the existing ad groups.

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