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Dayparting targeting is applied at ad group level to let you specify the timezone and time of day that you want to schedule to show your ads.


How to Apply Dayparting Targeting

  1. Under Campaignsselect the campaign and the Ad Group tab to which you wish to apply to target. 
  2. There are 2 options available to set up day and time targeting
    a. All or specific days
    b. All hours or specific hours e.g. working hours (Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm)

If you want to target specific times outside of these 2 options, select All Days and unmark the green cells. Once done, click Save. 


How to Apply Timezone Targeting

The timezone and dayparting targeting feature can be applied by clicking on the Day & Time filter on the sidebar. Select either Advertiser Timezone or User Timezone.

  • Advertiser Timezone: This option sets the timezone of targeting to match the timezone of your advertiser's account. For example, if you or your customer is a US West Coast-based advertiser is running campaigns  targeting Europe, choosing this option will set the timezone to be PT (Pacific Time Zone) and ads will be shown according to this timezone.

  • User Timezone: This option allows the advertiser to select a timezone based on where the targeted users/audiences are based (i.e. the person who will see your ads). For example, if the target audiences are located in New York, the targeting timezone will be in ET.

The flexibility to choose either setting lets you conveniently select between the two depending on your use case. 

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