Frequency Capping (by Page / Duration)

What is Frequency Capping?

Applying frequency capping lets you set a maximum limit on the number of times that an ad is shown to an individual within a period of time, primarily to avoid overexposure of ads, thus helping to reduce wastage and not to annoy any prospect.

You may want to limit the ad exposure by

  1. duration  OR
  2. page-level

Duration-based Frequency Capping limits the number of times your ads get shown to an individual over a period of time, typically to prevent annoyance and ad fatigue/burnout.

Page-level Frequency Capping limits the number of ads from the same advertiser/source that can be shown on a single web page. The screenshot below depicts a common issue when there is no capping mechanism in place. Having a page-level capping will address this issue.



How to Set Up (Page-Level) Frequency Capping?

Page-level Frequency Capping feature is available under Viewability, as one of the different targeting options during the ad group setup. You can control the frequency of occurrence on a webpage by setting 1 or more/unlimited times by adjusting the bid limit for a page.



Advanced Settings

The Advanced Ad limit setting provides you granular control. For example, if you enter 10 under Bid attempts and 6 for Seconds, it means that XPO will bid to show the ad 10 times every 6 seconds.

Note: Seconds value must be above 5.



How to Set Up Frequency Capping (by Duration)?

When you are setting up ad group, you can adjust the Impression Capping



Adjusting Duration

You have the flexibility to adjust the duration to be in minutes, hours, days, weeks or in months. 


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