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Q.1. How do I change content/Image in a slider?

Ans. You can do it using the Manage Feeds option on XPO Designer.

Q.2. How can I add/delete the destination in the booking mask?

Ans. By using Option you can add/delete a property in the booking dropdown.


Q.3. How/Where can I insert the UTM tags?

Ans. You can do this via XPO Curator. Once you have added a feed in XPO Curator, there is an option to add UTM tag(s). Please refer to How to add third-party tracking pixel to Feed for more detail.

Q.4. How can I create an ad with two languages?

Ans. You will have to create 2 campaign items, one for each language. Each campaign item shall have its own set of creatives and feeds in its respective language.

Q.5. Can I use one UTM tag for two different ads of size 300x250px and 300x600px assuming that the two ads use the same feed?

Ans. Yes, you can use the same UTM tag for both sizes unless you want to be able to track separately for each size.

Q.6. What are the setting requirements to execute a booking mask?

Ans. The booking platform will generate a unique session id before it redirects us to the result page. Hence, we are unable to make a request to your result page.
If you restrict your booking domain request, we need you to open access for us so that we can call the result page from our end. Our goal here is to make a call to your booking page with a list of specific parameters from the banner. Alternatively, you can provide us the deep link URL.

Q.7. Can we use the existing creative design to new templates? Is there any option to load a template on an existing viewpoint?

Ans. Unfortunately, that is not currently supported.

Q.8. Will the images be edited when the viewport sizes change?

Ans. Images that are being uploaded from one viewport to another will be identical. No image resizing will be done. However, it is advisable to load a different set of images in accordance with the viewport so that it looks good in the BD.

Q.9. Can I resize the ad once I have created it?

Ans. No, you cannot as the ad tag would be affected. Prior to creating the ad, you would have to set up the proper size and the corresponding campaign information.

Q.10. Will the ad size change if I zoom out/in?

Ans. No, by zooming in or out, you will only change the viewing size of the browser. The size of the ad remains.

Q.11. Can I use the same/existing template to create for different viewport/sizes?

Ans. No, XPO currently does not support this feature but it is in our product roadmap.

Q.12. Does XPO support the auto-rotation of tabs?

Ans. Yes, XPO does support auto tab-rotation.

Q.13. What is the sequence/order for the tab rotation?

Ans. The tabs will auto-rotate in sequence. Therefore, the next time a visitor visits, it will show the next tab first.

Q.14. What happens if I have a video in the tab and it is playing within one of the tabs? Will the tab rotation stop?

Ans. No, it will keep rotating unless the end-user hovers their mouse over the video.

Q.15. Does XPO support map feature?

Ans. Yes, please refer to Map Content.

Q.16. Can the map component support GPS feature within it?

Ans. Yes, if the user uses updated browsers (e.g. IE10 & above, latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and the user allows GPS to be used within the browser. From the IP address of the user, XPO can also derive the location information although the granularity/accuracy will not match what the GPS coordinates can provide.

Q.17. Does XPO support countdown clock feature?

Ans. Yes, we do support that.

Q.18. Does the clock support fade-out transition?

Ans. No, not at the moment.

Q.19. How can I change the color of the clock?

Ans. You need to add color to the background.

Q.20. How can I add transitions?

Ans. This is not supported for now.

Q. 21. Is XPO able to support the requirement to execute a Booking Mask?

Ans. No, as your booking platform will have generated a unique session id before redirecting to the result page. Hence, we will not be able to make a request to your result page.

Q.22. Will the rotation change if the portrait/ landscape is not chosen?

Ans. It depends, it might change according to the max width size being set in the viewport. For adaptive ad, it is advisable to set the landscape/portrait for each viewport design.

Q.23. How to create dynamic content without slider/scrollable content?

Ans. Dynamic content currently can only be created using Slider, Scrollable Content or Video List only.

Q.24. Why do I see "..." appearing in the text on the slider?

Ans. This is due to fact that the text box is too small to show all the contents. To resolve this, go to the layer panel of Designer, select Feed Container and choose Text/Title. Resize the text box or text size to complete it.

Q.25. How can I fit the images to frame on dynamic content?

Ans. In the layer panel of Designer, select Feed Container and choose Image. Under Style option (Right panel), change Fit into Width, Height or Automatic.

Q.26. Why I cannot see some of the images that I have added on Designer?

Ans. Check the layer panel, other layers/components might be blocking the image. Re-arrange the image layer to the top to resolve.

Q.27. How do I clone an adaptive design (of the same target size)?

Ans. You can go to XPO > Dashboard > Design Creative and select the design that you would like to clone and click on Clone. The new ad shall appear as the selected ad when you open the new ad in Designer.

Q.28. How do I install/use a new/custom font? Does XPO support custom font?

Ans. On XPO Designer, at top-left corner, there is an option called Font, click on New. XPO only accepts OTF & TFF File. It will appear as a part of selection on Font family after installation.


Q.29. How do I add an animation transition effect?

Ans. On XPO Designer, go to the Component layer. You will see Animation under Style, then select the desired effect. 


Q.30. How do I hide the component from the Design panel?
Ans. De-select this icon  on the layer panel to hide components from appearing in the Design panel. Please note that this does not hide the component from Preview.

Q.31. How do I hide a certain item from showing on the Preview panel?

Ans. On the Component option panel (Right), under the General option, you can check the box to hide items, otherwise uncheck in order not to hide it.

Q.32. Do I have to re-create the whole Dynamic Ad for different viewport for adaptive design?

Ans. No, you can copy all layers and paste them in a different viewport. Please make sure that you rearrange the components to fit the screen size.

Q.33. I cannot find the Component option. Where is it located?

Ans. You have probably selected the wrong layer. Please re-check your selected layers.

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