1. From Partner Dashboard Catalogs menu, click on Feeds.

2. You will be directed to XPO Curator, select Brand Safety. 

3. Click on +New Brand Safety to set a new exclusion/inclusion rule.


4. Input the Keyword you wish to Include or Exclude. (Example: key in Exclude Keyword "Car" if you wish to exclude cars).



5. Once the keyword is added, the system will also automatically provide similar/relevant keyword suggestions.


6. Click Save when you finish editing.


7. Input the Name for your Brand Safety filter and click on Create. 



Using Brand Safety On Real-Time Feed Content

Please follow the instructions below on how to use Brand Safety on Real-Time Feed Content :

1. On the XPO Curator dashboard, click on Confirmed feeds.


2. Choose any Crawled/Dynamic feed you wish to implement Brand Safety Filter.



3. Select the Brand Safety Filter you have created from the dropdown list and click Save.



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