Enabling MOAT Viewability Tracking

In XPO, we provide our in-house free-of-charge viewability tracking capability. We also support MOAT - a third-party verification vendor that verifies impression viewability.


Enabling MOAT tracker comes with additional fee as charged by the third-party vendor.


MOAT follows IAB guidelines for counting in-view impressions:

  • For Display Ads, 50% or more of the pixels of the ad must be visible on-screen for at least one continuous second.
  • The browser window must be active/in-focus, which means that the browser is not minimized and the page is not in a background tab. If the browser and another application are side-by-side, the page in the browser is still considered in-focus.
  • MOAT tracks the ad itself and not the container of the ad. In rare cases, MOAT will track the ad container if a rich media ad contains multiple individual assets.


Steps to Enable MOAT Viewability Tracking:

1. Under the Campaigns menu, select the desired campaign to apply the viewability tracking



2. On that campaign page, scroll down to Ad Groups section and select the ad group that you want to enable MOAT Viewability Tracking for:



3. On your left-hand side of Ad Group screen, there is a list of targeting options that you can apply to this specific ad group. At the bottom, you will find MOAT, click on it:



4. Click Yes to enable MOAT Viewability Tracking. The MOAT Viewability Tracking tag will be automatically embedded to your ad creative. Click on Save to apply the changes


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