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How To Use Container

  1. Drag Container component to the canvas
  2. Drag any component into the container, e.g: text, image, etc.

The advantages of using Container are:

  • Group all components under one single URL link
  • Move all parts inside a component together instead of adjusting 1 by 1

For further explanation, please watch the tutorial video below: 


How To Crop An Image

  1. Drag and drop the Image component to the canvas.

  2. Upload an image file from your computer. 
  3. Select the image, hover your mouse to the right panel and click on Edit
  4. Crop your image based on your requirement and click on Save to finish. 


How To Change Orientation

There are 3 options for Orientation:

Any: it can be either Landscape or Portrait, the ad will adapt based on the max width that you have set.

Portrait: Ad will adapt when it detected whether the device is in portrait and its width is less than the max width you have set.

Landscape: Ad will adapt when it detects whether the device is in landscape and its width is less than the max width you have set.

Please follow the below instructions to adjust Orientation:

  1. Click on Viewport followed by +
  2. Input the name, size, max width and orientation (e.g.: Portrait display is 320x480 and Landscape display 480x320.)
  3. Once you finish editing, create your landscape design on the second canvas

  4. When all steps are completed, hover your mouse to the top-right and click Save followed by Publish.


How To Add Third-Party Tracking Pixel Onto Creative

  1. Select the component you want to input Third-party Tracker (e.g. text)

  2. Go to your right panel and expand General tab

  3. Add your third-party tracker into Tracking URL


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