Why Use Template?

  • Using template assists in maintaining consistency across structure and layouts for all of your advertisements;
  • Once you create a template, you can use it repeatedly and you can make modifications easily and apply it across. Thus, ensuring efficiency and save time, letting you focus on the quality of your content. With XPO Designer, you can update and improvize your designs hassle free
  • Maintain professionalism! Allow your ads to set yourself apart and build your brand image
  • You can create a library of your designed templates and share them with your team


Steps To Create Templates

1. From the Utility menu, select Trafficking. 


2. You will be directed to XPO Arena. Click on Create Ad. 


3. Once you are directed to XPO Designer, select + Add new and fill in the Create mock-up details. Click Add.


4. Choose an existing template by selecting Use template or select Start blank design if you wish to create a template from scratch.



5. Once you finish editing, from the top-right bar click on Save and then Exit.


6. When you are brought back to the dashboard, click on Manage Template under Designer.


7. It will bring you to XPO Designer, with a list of creatives you have created. Select the creative you wish to be saved as a template and click on Clone from project.


8. Name the new template, choose the Industry that the template belongs to. Click on Add Template.


9. Click Save then Exit.



How To Modify Existing Templates

1. From Utility menu select Trafficking


2. You will be directed to XPO Arena. Under the Designer menu, click on Manage Template.



3. You will now be directed to XPO Designer, select the template you wish to modify and click on Edit Design. 


4. Modify the template based on your preference, click Save then Exit once you have completed the steps.


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