1. How do I get started with XPO? Do you provide a trial?

Contact us to arrange a session for us to understand your need. We will propose to you an onboarding plan to ensure you get the value out from the platform.

2. Do the XPO-created Dynamic Ads work on Mobile App and Mobile Sites?

Yes, as the ad is created using HTML5, it can work cross-screens and platforms on Web, Mobile Web/Site as well as Mobile App. You just need to provide/use the right sizes.

3. Can I use XPO platform to do ad placement on GDN/ADX?

Yes, you can use the platform to do media buying/ad placement on GDN/ADX and other Supported Publishers and Ad Exchanges too. To get started, you will need to top up your account with credits to start running a campaign on these platforms.

4. Certain features are not available in XPO for me to create the Dynamic Ads that I wanted. What can I do?

Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. If we don't have such a feature, we will see if we can proceed to implement and come back to you with a timeline. Additionally, we do provide customisation service for a fee under Managed Services.

5. Do you provide outsource service? I do not have my own team of designers/operators, nor the manpower to operate XPO but I am still interested in using XPO.

Yes, we provide a range of Managed Services. Contact us to get your requirements communicated to us. Our Account Managers will work with you to provide a quotation.

6. Can I enroll for Managed Services for certain work while I operate on self-serving?

Yes, we can work out something to fit your needs. Get in touch with us.

7. How can I grant my designer or other end users to access the XPO platform?

You can create different user accounts with different levels of permissions.

8. My designer has completed the creative using XPO. We want to send the ad tags to certain publishers that we work with. Would it possible for us to send/download them the ad tag (or probably known to you as Creative/Ad Unit/Third Party Tags) ?

Yes, you can do this in XPO. You will need to click send/download AdTag in the campaign detail page to send the ad tags to the publishers. NOTE: you will NOT be able to export out the creative/HTML files

9. My team/company is using DoubleClick (DCM/DFA/DBM). Does XPO support downloading/sending AdTag in the same format as DCM/DFA/DBM?

Yes, you can download or send the Ad Tag from XPO in the same manner as how you would do trafficking/running/executing via the DoubleClick Bid Manager or DoubleClick Campaign Manager or DoubleClick for Advertisers. 

10. I have my own set of creative files. However, I want to use XPO to do ad serving for the resources/creatives. Is this possible? if yes, what are the charges?

XPO currently does not support uploading of your own format/creatives. What you can do is for you to re-create your creatives easily in XPO using XPO Designer. You will be charged for Ad Serving cost. If you have further/any customization requests, you can engage us as part of Managed Services Please refer https://xpo.knorex.com/ - Managed Service section for Managed Service Fees.

11. Can I buy mobile inventory (e.g. AdMob) through XPO?

Yes, you can buy mobile inventory via XPO. View Supported Publishers and Ad Exchanges. If you don't see the supplier there, let us know.

12. How do I change the creative after it is being approved by Google (to be ready to run via GDN), do I have to re-seek approval from Google again?

Yes, every time there is a change in the creative, there is a requirement to seek for the approval from Google if you intend to run any ads on Google's ad exchanges.

13. If multiple campaign items have the same ad unit running at the same time, how can I implement the impression tracker?

The impression tracker is linked to the campaign item, you can implement multiple at the same time.

14. How is Knorex different from competitors?

Knorex XPO was built with cross-channel capability in mind, to unify the execution across different channels, devices, and ad formats, all within a single platform. Thus, reporting data across these disparate sources are consolidated in one view for easy analysis. Additionally, we emphasized heavily on automation and scaling, many of which powered by machine learning.

15. Does Knorex create content for us?

No, we provide tools and solutions. You will have to create your own content.


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