1. Before We Start

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager to request In-App Tracking Configuration in XPO account
  2. You will need to configure your AppsFlyer account and send postback data to us (for more details, please refer to AppsFlyer's Setup Guide)
  3. Share with us App ID which must be unique for different Operating Systems (OS).
    • Sample of App ID:
      • iOS = id1234567890
      • Android = com.sampleapp.rewards

2. A Step-By-Step Guide to Configuring an App Install Campaign

Prior to setting up an App Install campaign, there are a number of prerequisites that are required to be set up beforehand, as shown below:

1. Create a Conversion Goal with Page type as Install

  • Go to Conversion under Pixel tab
  • Select Install under Page type



2. Enable In-App Tracking for Creative

  • You need to choose Mobile as a channel in the Creative setup process on XPO Media Broker (please refer to Setting up Display Creative for more details)
  • Tick the checkbox of Enable in-App tracking in Creative edit process on XPO Designer

By doing so, our creative will detect if it is run on Mobile devices and open AppsFlyer link for AppStore or PlayStore based on the platform.

You can put the default URL for Target Click which will be opened if creative is run on Desktop Web.




Once all the above configuration steps are made, you can proceed to set up Campaign and Ad Group.

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