Supported Ad Exchanges and Data Management Platforms

Knorex is connected to over 90% of ad exchanges and media publishers worldwide and thus, can provide reach to the widest audience. In addition, Knorex XPO ad tags are compliant with our supported platforms, which means that you can publish or traffic ads directly from XPO into their platforms. 

Depicted below are some of the major Ad Exchanges and Data Management Platforms that we have integrated with:  

Screenshot_2019-01-18_at_3.10.38_PM.png        Screenshot_2019-01-18_at_3.10.38_PM_2.png
You can find the full list of ad exchanges on XPO. Log in to XPO. Under Campaign, select the ad group that you wish to apply certain ad exchanges to. You can then find all available exchanges under the Add Exchanges tab: 
The full list of 3rd party audience data is available under the Audience tab on XPO. Create a new audience segment and select a third-party source, you will then find all the available audiences. For example, search for "hotel" and there will be a list of relevant audience sources, rates as well as estimated reach. Select the ones that you wish to apply, once done, remember to apply this particular audience segment at the ad group level. For more information on setting up 3rd party audience, please check out this page.
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