What Are The Macros Supported For Third Party Ad-Tag In XPO

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What Is A Macro?

A macro is a placeholder (for example: {CLICK_URL}) that an ad server replaces with a real value when the creative serves. Use macros in your tags when you want XPO to insert information into the tag in real-time.

For example, you are using this third-party ad tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://example.com/?click=%22">http://example.com?click="></script>

The third-party ad server expects an XPO click tracking URL after "click=". To get this URL, insert a click tracking macro in the tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://example.com/?click=%7BCLICK_URL%7D%22">http://example.com?click={CLICK_URL}"></script>

Each time the ad is served, the placeholder {CLICK_URL} is replaced with the actual click tracking URL from XPO.

The following are the MACROS that can be used in third-party ad tags to pass information to that third-party ad server:

Tracking / Ad Serving Macros

Macro/Variable Purpose
{CLICK_URL} This is for parallel tracking
{CLICK_URL_ENC} Same as {CLICK_URL}, except that the tracker is encoded.
You may want to use {CLICK_URL} or {CLICK_URL_ENC} depending on your tag support.
{CLICK_THROUGH_URL} This is for chain tracking. This will land on Knorex tracking server, and then redirect to the Destination URL.
Example: {CLICK_THROUGH_URL}https%3A%2F%2Fknorex.com
Destination URL has to be added by your/third-party ad.
{TIMESTAMP} UNIX timestamp of RTB auction.


Device Specific Macros

Macro/Variable Description
{DEVICE_MODEL} The device model.
{DEVICE_OS} Name of the ISP or carrier information.
{OS_VERSION} The version of operating system.


Device Identifier Macros

Macro/Variable Description
  • IDFA (Advertising Identifier is a unique ID for each iOS device)
  • GAID (Google Advertising ID for Android devices)


Source Macros

Macro/Variable Description
{CACHEBUSTER} Random value. See also Cachebuster for Google Ads/DoubleClick.
{PUBLISHER_ID} Publisher ID, if any
{SOURCE_URL} Source URL, if any
{SOURCE_URL_ENC} Encoded source URL, if any
{BUNDLE_ID} Bundle ID: Application bundle or package name from iTunes/AppStore. Only available for Apps.


Targeting Macros

Macro/Variable Description
{EXCHANGE_ID} Ad Exchange ID
{LANGUAGE} 2-letter language code
{USER_AGENT} browser user agent used
{GEO} 3-letter country code
{AUDIENCE_ID} Random string

For Audience ID, we can send information only if we are using any audience.

For RON we will not pass any information.

{LAT} Latitude from -90.0 to +90.0, where negative is south
{LON} Longitude from -180.0 to +180.0, where negative is west
{IP} Device IP address
{GPS} GPS coordinates, up to 6 decimal precision
{POSTAL_CODE} Zip or postal code
{PLACEMENT_NAME} Name of the application that ad would be showed on
{TS} Timestamp with 10 digits. System.currentTimeMillis() / 1000
{GDPR} 0=GDPR does not apply
1=GDPR applies
If not present, callee should do GeoIP lookup, and GDPR applies for EU IP addresses
{EU_CONSENT} URL-safe base64-encoded GDPR consent string. Only meaningful if GDPR=1

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