Supported Macros For Third Party Ad-Tag

Enabling Third-Party Tracking

Knorex supports third-party pixel tracking. For this, you need to include the XPO™ ARENA CMS. The acceptable format is the URL pointing to the tracking pixel.

For instance, if the tracking pixel is <IMG SRC=“” WIDTH=“1” HEIGHT=“1”/>, the source URL is to be passed to the ARENA CMS.

What is a Macro?

A macro is a placeholder (for example: {CLICK_URL}) that an ad server replaces with a real value when the creative serves. Use macros in your tags when you want XPO to insert information into the tag in real time.

For example, you are using this third-party ad tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


The third-party ad server expects an XPO click tracking URL after "click=". To get this URL, insert a click tracking macro in the tag:


<script type="text/javascript" src="{CLICK_URL}"></script>

Each time the ad is served, the placeholder {CLICK_URL} is replaced with the actual click tracking URL from XPO


Tracking Macros / Ad Serving Macros





Click Macros



Device Identifier Macros


IDFA (Advertising Identifier is a unique ID for each iOS device)

AdID/AAIS (Google Advertising ID for Android devices)


Source Macros

{PUBLISHER_ID} Publisher ID if any
{SOURCE_URL} Source URL if any
{SOURCE_URL_ENC} Encoded source URL if any
{BUNDLE_ID} Bundle ID: Application bundle or package name from iTunes/AppStore. Only available for Apps.

Targeting Macros

{EXCHANGE_ID}  ID of exchange where an impression is won.
{GEO} 3-letter country code
{LANGUAGE} 2-letter language code
{GDPR}  0=GDPR does not apply
1=GDPR applies
If not present, callee should do GeoIP lookup, and GDPR applies for EU IP addresses
{EU_CONSENT} URL-safe base64-encoded GDPR consent string. Only meaningful if GDPR=1
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