In XPO, we provide you the option to create your custom reports via My Reports feature. You can customize your reports with multiple campaign selections and report schedules.


1. Under Reports menu, click My Reports and + NEW REPORT.



2. Fill up New Report form

  • Report Name: give the report a name you will remember and be able to quickly identify
  • Report Time Zone: set up the time zone you wish for your reports
  • Report Interval: the time period of data you wish to fetch
  • Select Advertiser: select one or more from the dropdown list
  • Select Campaign: select one or more from the dropdown list
  • Schedule: schedule the report daily, weekly, etc.
  • Reports: select vertical reports with performance breakdown by Ad group, Device, GEO, etc.
  • Metrics: select metrics for your reports as your needs and requirement



3. Click on Save button.  A download link to the customized report will be sent to your specified recipients' email.

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