How To Configure Pixel To Use Custom Variables Or Macros?

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  • Custom macro/variable is only supported for Facebook and Programmatic channels. Other channels are not supported for use of custom variable.
  • The Industry that is available for selection will be based on your account type during setup. You can change that in your account setting.

You can generate remarketing pixel and conversion pixels in XPO. Before generating the pixels, you may want to create your custom variable or macros under Pixel Configuration.

To help you expedite the setup process, we have also built up pre-defined variables for the verticals: E-Commerce (Product), Travel, and Real Estate. Depending on your account type or category, the related vertical will be shown.

  1. Under the Pixel menu, click Pixel Configuration and select the applicable advertiser. SCR-20220620-gze-2.png
  2. Fill in the following information:
      • Attribution window (or look-back window): specify the period where the tracked events are considered as a conversion.
      • Template: There are 3 presets of variables in different industries (E-commerce, Travel, Real Estate).
      • Variables:
        • Name: these are variables that you can use and define for programmatic channels. You can define the variables that you want by clicking on Add more.
        • FB variables: standard variables and additional variables supported by Facebook pixel.
      • Example 1: E-Commerce

        Example 2: Real Estate

  3. Click Save.

These Pixel Variables shall be used to pass values when you are setting up your remarketing and conversion pixels.

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