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PMP (Private Market Place or Publisher Management Platform) or Deals is best described as a private auction area with a fixed number of buyers and sellers bidding for inventory space (Learn more Programmatic Advertising - PMP). Deals can be customized to meet the targeting requirements of your campaign.

Knorex XPO comes with PMP deals in place ready for use for various industries or sectors across different continents.

There are 2 ways to access and use the PMP deals:

1) Menu

  1. Click Settings >> PMP Deals
  2. Click New Deals or Upload Deals
  3. Fill up the PMP Deal form accordingly and click save. You will need the Dead ID/Code to complete this.


2) Apply to a specific ad group

  1. Go into your specific ad group and click Exchanges
  2. Filter among other filters of Targeting options in the process of Ad group set-up. Click on Add Deals and select the deals you would like to add.
  3. Click on Save button to confirm the changes.


If you would like a deal set up specifically for your campaign, contact Knorex Customer Success Team for assistance.


PMP Deal Acceptance For Your Direct Publisher

When you have directly been in touch with a publisher and have a generated Deal ID, use the below steps to request your Knorex Customer Success Manager to set it up in XPO.

A) Before You Start

  1. Share the below with Knorex:

    • Publisher's name,
    • Which Exchange the Deal is being passed through,
    • The floor rates (CPM) (if any)
  2. Request your Knorex Customer Success Manager for Knorex Seat ID. Accept the request from us and share the Publisher Deal ID.
  3. While entering your deal, use this naming convention to facilitate an easy set up in XPO.

    Exchanges Naming Convention
    1. Google Ad Exchange: Knorex XPO
    2. Rubicon: 27760
    3. Bidswitch: Knorex[316]
    4. AppNexus: 9525
    5. Index: 1312314

    Channel_Exchange_Geo_Description (Display_ADX_MY_Travel300x600,300x250) (Native_Geniee_JP_Parenting)

    All other Exchanges

    Deal ID can be shared via email or Skype

  4. Post negotiation and finalized rates, the Deal is initiated from the Publishers end.
    If you need to accept the proposal in the Marketplace, follow the below steps:

    1. Under Marketplace, go to the Negotiations. You can view the current footing for all the Deals here. The options under Negotiations depicts the status of all the ongoing proposals. 

    2. Go to Current Negotiations to check on the incoming proposal details. Accept the deal.

B) Set Up PMP Deal In XPO

Once the pre-requsites are completed and the Deal is accepted follow the below steps to set it up in XPO:

  1. Under Settings, go to PMP Deals (Publisher Management Platform), and + New Deal. Screenshot_2021-10-01_at_2.25.02_PM.jpg
  2. You will be redirected to the New Deal form.

    • Enter a name for the Deal following the appropriate naming convention (see Naming Convention in pre-requisite point 3).
    • Key in mandatory fields - Supply Vendor (Exchange), Deal Code, Start Date and End Date.
    • Finally, select Preferred Deal under Inventory Type and choose the advertiser account for whom you wish to give this deal access to.
  3. Click Save to publish your Deal.
Once published, the Deal status will first appear as READY. You will be able to start using it in your campaign when the status changes to become PUBLISHED.

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