How Do I Setup A Campaign?

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Besides using "Quick Launch" feature, you can also create a new campaign under the Campaign tab.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to commence the campaign level setup:

  1. Under the Campaigns menu, click on the + Campaign button to get to the New Campaign dashboard.
  2. Key in a Campaign name and set the Objective, based on the type of campaign you wish to run, as explained in our Types of Campaign article.
  3. If you have multiple advertisers under your account, select the Advertiser you wish to set up the campaign for.
  4. Link your Facebook Ad Account, LinkedIn Ad Account, and Google Ad Account if you are planning to launch Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Search campaigns.
  5. Set a Start Date and End Date (if any) for your campaign, and select the Time Zone you wish to run your campaign in.
  6. Set a Budget Cap for the campaign to spend, i.e. the total budget allocated to run this campaign as well as a Daily Spend Cap which will be the maximum amount spent for any particular day for the length of the campaign.
  7. Impression Cap, Daily Impression Cap, and Frequency Cap are optional and can be set to limit the number of impressions served.
    • Impression Cap: a limit on impressions served for the length of the campaign.
    • Daily Impression Cap: a limit on impressions served on a daily basis of the length of the campaign.
    • Frequency Cap: a limit on impressions served to a unique viewer during a certain amount of time during the campaign running period.
  8. If you want to add Conversion Goals to your campaign, you can select a suitable one in the drop-down list. Before you can do so, you need to set up your conversion goals beforehand under the Pixel tab on the Main Navigation.
    Learn how to Generating Conversion Pixels here.
  9. If you are an agency and want to include your agency fees as a part of the total budget, you can simply add Media Fees with the click of a button.
    • Click on Include additional campaign fees if you want to include the fees as a part of the media spend. Here, the media fees can be either included as a percentage of the total budget or included in the CPM bidding rates that win the inventory to serve the ads on.
    • Click Display flat rate in platform and reporting if you want to set a fixed CPM or CPC rate, regardless of the market rate. This fixed price will be reflected in the report, rather than the actual CPM or CPC rate associated with running that campaign.
  10. Click Save once all steps are completed to confirm changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your campaign.

Please refer to our Ad Group Setup section to learn more about what Ad Groups are and the different types of Ad Group available on XPO Media Broker.

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