How Do I Generate Attribution Reports In XPO?

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Under the Reports menu, select Attribution

  • Select a campaign for your attribution report.
  • On the report page, you will find information about:
    • Overall attribution performance
    • Detailed breakdown for Time Lag, Geo, Path Length, Browser, Device, etc.

    Click on the Email button at the top of the report page.

  • In the Email Me Report window, apply the following filters:
    • Period: Report duration
    • Platform:
      • Web
      • In-App
      • All
    • Attribution Type:
      • Click-through
      • View-through
      • All
    • Additional Filters:
      • Report breakdown by
        • Campaign
        • Ad Group
        • Creative or
        • Channel 
      • Attribution model to use
      • Campaigns that you wish to include in the report
    • Recipient: Input the email address
    • Reports Type:
      • Formatted/pivoted report
      • Raw report
  • Click on the Send email button. A download link to the report will be sent to the email specified.

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