How Do I Generate Attribution Report in XPO?

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  1. Under the Reports menu, select Attribution
  2. In the Attribution Report window, click on the Conversion Goal you want to generate the report for.
  3. On the report page, you will find information about:
    • Overall attribution performance
    • Detailed breakdown for Time Lag, Geo, Path Length, Browser, Device, etc.

    Click on the Email button at the top of the report page.

  4. In the Email Me Report window, apply the following filters:
    • Period: Report duration
    • Platform:
      • Web
      • In-App
      • All
    • Attribution Type:
      • Click-through
      • View-through
      • All
    • Additional Filters:
      • Report breakdown by
        • Campaign
        • Ad Group
        • Creative or
        • Channel 
      • Attribution model to use
      • Campaigns that you wish to include in the report
    • Recipient: Input the email address
    • Reports Type:
      • Formatted / pivoted report
      • Raw report
  5. Click on the Send email button. A download link to the report will be sent to the email specified.


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