Generating Remarketing Pixels

How to Generate?

1. Under the Pixel menu, click on Remarketing followed by +New Remarketing Tag.



2.  In the Create Remarketing Tag window, you would need to fill in some required information:

  • Select Advertiser
  • Remarketing name: give the pixel a name that you will remember and be able to quickly identify.
  • Variables: select variables/data you would like to receive from pixels. (Please refer to Tag Configuration Set-up for more information.)
  • AJAX Enabled: enable if your web pages are AJAX-enabled. Refer to this page to identify if you need to enable this feature.
  • Facebook Pixel: enable and link to your Facebook account to allow cross-channel tracking using Knorex omni-pixel
  • Ad Words Pixel: enable and link to your Google Adwords account to allow cross-channel tracking using Knorex omni-pixel
  • Third-Party Script: where you add Third-party scripts. For examples: DCM, Bing, etc.


3. Click Save.

4. Download the Script

a) To download the pixel you just created, under Pixel tab, click on Remarketing and it will prompt a Remarketing page.

b) Click on the arrow icon of Action at the end of the pixel line that you want to download the script, click on Download.

The script will be downloaded in excel format file.



Refer to this article on how to embed remarketing pixels on your website.

If you are embedding the pixels via Google Tag Manager (GTM), refer to this article.

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