How To Set Beneficiary And Payer Info For Facebook Ads Targeting the European Union

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Due to new EU regulation, when using the Facebook Ads platform in XPO, Facebook Ads ad groups will now display two new fields: Payer and Beneficiary. These two fields are compulsory. Starting July 10, 2023, you'll need to indicate the Beneficiary and Payer for any new or edited ad group with an audience in the European Union. Learn more  .

Beneficiary: The Beneficiary is the person or organization benefiting from this campaign or ad group. Examples of beneficiaries include the subsidiary of a parent company and the organization that owns a promoted product or service.
Payer: The Payer is the person or organization paying for an ad set.

New Ad Group

If you add any of the listed European Union countries, then you will be required to input the Beneficiary and Payer information under the below section.


Edit An Ad Group

When editing the ad group targeting European Union countries, the Beneficiary and Payer fields will show up at the bottom of the Ad Group Info page.



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